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by Mel Haigh

Education Officer of
Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd.


As well as writing and lecturing on Gresley topics, Mel has been giving practical help with the overhaul of Sir Nigel Gresley.áHere he takes a well-earned break in the overhaul team's messroom.

This series of articles was originally published in the SNGLPT's journal Chime, the first part appearing in issue 127, Spring 2003. It followed Mel's popular series on A4 identities and liveries, An A4 By Any Other Name, and describes the various types of tenders attached to A4 locomotives and how they were allocated. You thought that an engine kept the same tender all its life? Read on!

Part One

from Chime 127, Spring 2003.

Part Two

from Chime 128, Summer 2003.

Part Three

from Chime 129, Autumn 2003.

Part Four

final part from Chime 130, Christmas 2003.

Note: All dates quoted are given in the British format of Day/Month/Year

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