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Click on image for a larger viewof the engine and some detail.
Richard Green Print

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new superb highly detailed drawing of Sir Nigel Gresley in her present livery by Richard Green. The details on this print have to be seen to be believed and have been checked by our engineering team. Click here to see just a few of the details that are included).

Please note that this is a limited edition of 112 and that each print has been signed and numbered by Richard.

Print size - 28.3" x 12"

Scale - 8mm to 1 foot

Price £40 plus p&p £4.25 to UK, £6.50 to Europe and £9.75 to RoW

A print of Nº60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, showing it in the condition that it achieved the post-war steam traction record of 112 mph, is available.


  • Nuts, rivets and screws are shown correctly - not just blobs for everything!
  • Lining, lettering and totems are scaled correctly.
  • Nameplates are perfectly portrayed - including correct letter style and fixing bolts/screws.
  • Manufacturer's plates correctly portrayed - including date and works number.
  • Springs have the correct number of plates.
  • Split pins are shown.
  • All the detail between the frames is shown.
  • Cab fittings that can be viewed through the window.

If it's on the loco Richard endeavours to put it on the illustration!

Also available is a smaller 16" x 9" non-limited edition print price £20 plus p&p £4.25 to UK only.

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