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Number 7's Photograph Gallery

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We do receive a number of photos that have no caption provided. Please note that if there is no caption then the photo won't be used.

In April 2022 Sir Nigel Gresley returned from an overhaul which took more than six years and cost about £750,000. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of this overhaul please click on the donate button.

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A progress report for the overhaul may be found here.

From July Overhaul 2022

The crown exposed for examination of the outer crown stays.
Photograph: Richard Swales

7 Jul 2022

The fire iron bracket in grey near the battery box has been extended.
Photograph: Darrin Crone

8 Jul 2022

The speedo has been fitted with new waterproof flexible conduit and new stainless steel screws.
Photograph: Darrin Crone

8 Jul 2022

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