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By 31st December 2015 Sir Nigel Gresley had accumulated the following miles:

1967-2001 23,356 89,214 - 114,750
OVERHAUL 2002-2006 - - 114,750
2006 340 Heritage 4,320 4,660 119,230
2007 Nil Heritage 7,441 7,441 126,671
2008 2,252 Heritage 5,700
Mainline 2,183
10,135 136,806
2009 1,978 Heritage 6,438
Mainline 2,490
10,906 147,712
2010 707 Heritage 504
Mainline 1,991
3,202 150,914
2011 497 Heritage 590
Mainline 368
1,455 152,369
2012 495 Heritage 3,612 4,107 156,476
2013 350 Heritage 5,562 5,912 162,388
2014 1,501 Heritage 4,416
Mainline 849
6,766 169,155
2015 253 Heritage 5,220
Mainline 518
5,991 175,146
Total mileage since previous overhaul 60,576

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News item 23 July 2022:

Train Truckers Season 2 will be airing weekly from the 28th of July at 9pm on UKTV. 4498 will be featuring in an episode that will cover the movement if the Loco by road from Crewe to Bridgnorth for running in earlier this year after reassembly at Crewe. Both Darrin Crone and Richard Swales were interviewed for the programme.

News item 25 April 2022:

SNGLT is please to announce that Sir Nigel Gresley returned to revenue earning service on 21st April 2022. The locomotive worked the 10:35 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster service which was followed by a short ceremony at Kidderminster with speeches by Helen Smith (SVR General Manager) and Nigel Wilson (SNGLT Chairman) who thanked the Trust's engineering team for the six years of skilled and dedicated work. The traditional spraying of Champagne was performed by the Chairman's wife Susan Wilson. The locomotive then worked the train back to Bridgnorth.

News item 13 April 2022:

At the culmination of a six-year, £1 million overhaul, Gresley LNER class A4 No. 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley will return to revenue-earning service at the Severn Valley Railways Spring Steam Gala on Thursday 21st April. A short midday ceremony at Kidderminster station will mark the occasion.

Nigel Wilson, Chairman of The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust, which owns N°4498, said, "The event marks the return of our popular A4 class locomotive following the tremendous efforts of our essentially volunteer engineering team. This overhaul is probably the most thorough the locomotive has ever had. Thanks to all involved and the results of the hard work are now for everybody to enjoy. We're also very grateful to the SVR for hosting us for the all-important running in tests."

Sir Nigel Gresley, brother of world speed record holderMallard, is now the only operational A4 locomotive; the other surviving members of the class are unlikely to return to steam in the next few years, and in many cases will never steam again.Sir Nigel is owned by a charitable trust committed to keeping it steaming as long as is possible. It will operate at the SVR's Spring Steam Gala between 21st and 24th of April before relocation to the Locomotive Services Group depot at Crewe where it will be prepared for main line trips from May onwards.

The overhaul, which started in late 2015, was completed in March this year prior to a period of running in at the SVR. The loco is currently in a temporary livery of LNER black, which it carried in the 1940s. Later this year it will be repainted in British Railways express passenger blue and returned to its other running number of 60007.

SNGLT purchased the locomotive from British Railways in 1966 and have been maintaining and operating it ever since.

The SVR's managing director Helen Smith said, "It's been a pleasure to host this iconic locomotive at the railway for its running in tests in recent weeks. We’re delighted that it’s staying to make an exclusive guest appearance at our Spring Steam Gala, where we know it will prove tremendously popular. I'd also recommend visitors take the opportunity to visit The Engine House at Highley, where Sir Nigel Gresley's famous top hat is on display.”

News item 16 March 2022:

Another milestone in the overhaul of Sir Nigel Gresley was achieved today with the locomotive passing its official steam test including setting the safety valves during the test. Work continues on checking the electrics with the TPWS unit, OTMR powered up and the GSMR checked. The air pump was run and the new in-cab lubricator worked well.

Another milestone in the overhaul of Sir Nigel Gresley was achieved today with the locomotive passing its official steam test at Locomotive Services Limited depot at Crewe.
Photograph: SNGLT/Trevor Camp

16 March 2022

Another photo of Sir Nigel Gresley at the Locomotive Services Limited depot steam test, wgich included setting the safety valves during the test.
Photograph: SNGLT/Trevor Camp

16 March 2022
Video: SNGLT/Trevor Camp

News item 8 March 2022:

The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust is pleased to announce that, subject to successful completion of the running-in, Sir Nigel Gresley as LNER N°4498 will participate in the Severn Valley Railway gala 21-24 April. We can also announce that the locomotive is expected to attend the North Yorkshire Moor Railway Autumn Gala (22-25 September) as BRN°60007 after which the locomotive is likely to stay at the NYMR for a few weeks to take part in other events.

News item 13 September 2021:

Further to the news item of yesterday, SNGLT can confirm that the damage to 60007's tender is now repaired.

News item 12 September 2021:

The Trust can confirm that on 2nd September 2021 Sir Nigel Gresley was involved in a minor incident while being shunted at York in a movement undertaken by NRM personnel. Nobody was injured but there was some damage to the tender of 60007 - initial inspection suggests that the damage is not serious. Although clearly the incident was regrettable, SNGLT does not envisage it will impact our planned transfer to Crewe.

News item 25 August 2021:

The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust is pleased to report that today our locomotive left the NRM workshop after a tremendous effort by our team to get it ready for transfer to the Locomotive Services Limited depot at Crewe where the overhaul will be completed.

During the overhaul a great deal of effort has gone into renewing sections and in some cases whole sheets of cladding. Prior to the decision to leave York the tender was in undercoat, and the locomotive in a mixture of undercoat, primer, bare steel with some badly scuffed sections in original blue. Although all the bare steel has been primed and full undercoat applied, time constraints led to this being done without full preparation meaning that the primer and undercoat will not prevent moisture attacking the steel i.e. they are not water resistant. This is not a problem in the controlled environment of the workshop but is a concern during the transfer to Crewe.

Considering the above we have applied a sealing coat of semi-gloss black paint to our locomotive; the paint was applied without the normal preparation of the underlying surface. This paint may disguise blemishes rather more than high gloss blue during the move but is unlikely to bear the close attention of a formal photo opportunity! The purpose of the paint is a transit protective measure only.

When we get the engine to Crewe our team will begin the work to finish it as promptly as possible.

A number of our long-term volunteers will not be able to regularly join the work at Crewe for a variety of reasons. Under the circumstances some decals have been applied to the engine before its roll out into the yard so that it looks like a complete entity. The front end will carry nameplates, shed plate 34A, and BR number 60007 on the mount on the cod’s mouth. The cab sides will carry transfers of the number 4498 and the tender letters LNER. Please note these are transfers not final quality lettering! This scheme represents the longevity and heritage of our engine via the numbers it has carried in service.

The Trust would like to thank all the volunteers who have worked extraordinarily hard in the last three months to get 60007 ready for transfer to Crewe compliant with the deadline to vacate the workshop. The Trust would like to give a special "thank you" to the volunteers who are unable to join the work at Crewe.

SNGLT recognises that an A4 in an approximation of wartime black livery is likely to generate significant interest. The Trustees and Directors have agreed that there will be an opportunity for our members to see the locomotive in black before it is painted into the BR Passenger Blue livery in which it will re-enter traffic. This event will be in Spring 2022 and details will be posted on the Members' page of our website in due course.

Issued by SNGLT Trustees, 25th August 2021.

The engine in black:



Photographs by Trevor Camp/SNGLT, 28th August 2021.


Photograph by Nigel Wilson, 28th August 2021.

News item 1 August 2021:

On 29th July the Cartazzi wheelset was refitted as may be seen in these two YouTube videos:
Short verion (3 mins)
Longer version (19 mins)

News item 21 July 2021:

The overhaul of 60007 is nearing completion, however the process has taken longer than initially expected. This has been for a variety of reasons but principally two factors: a desire to do the best possible job while we had use of the excellent facilities at the NRM and the extensive delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Nobody could foresee COVID-19; it has had a major impact on the timescale for the overhaul project due to the closure of the workshop for six months, limits on working numbers thereafter, and delays and difficulties with suppliers and contractors. In total the project has been delayed approximately ten to twelve months by COVID. When we signed the agreement to use the workshop at York the NRM were clear with us that they may need 60007 to vacatethe workshop if our presence impacted their plans for re-development. Although those plans have also been delayed it has reached the point where the NRM needs us to leave.

Looking at our general situation another significant factor that has arisen in our plans is the financial difficulties of the Llangollen Railway who carried out our boiler overhaul. While we have no concerns about the quality of the work done on 60007's boiler support for final boiler testing and commissioning is no longer available from Llangollen.

It is clear that we cannot now complete and steam Sir Nigel in York while complying with the requested departure date. The Trust therefore needed a location where we could complete the boiler testing (formal hydraulic and steam tests) then progress first moves, de-snagging and painting. The logical place to do this is the LSL workshops in Crewe because:

Once the locomotive is in service the agreementwe have with LSL means they will take on day-to-day maintenance of the boilerso asking them to support initial testing is logical

  • The workshop facilities at Crewe are excellent.
  • They have a dedicated paint shop we could use.
  • It will simply bring forward the co-operation already planned with LSL.

As a result of the above we anticipate that an essentially complete 60007 will leave the NRM for final completion at Crewe. Apart from a short rail transfer across York the movement will be by road.

The Trustees are well aware ofthe huge commitment that our volunteers in the York area have made during the entirety of the overhaul; we are sorry that 60007 will not be finally "out-shopped" from York but we will be making suitable arrangements to recognise the efforts of the team in due course; we will also be arranging suitable Friends' and Members' events in due course but these will not be at the NRM.

Concerning running-in, the move to Crewe means we have additional options, however no firm decision has been made. We will, of course, honour our commitment to Members to visit the NYMR, subject to the agreement of the NYMR management. The programme we have provisionally agreed sees Sir Nigel Gresley completed for a return to traffic in spring 2022 (usual caveats apply).

News item 31 May 2021:

The Trust has been made aware of the death of member Tony Tomlinson, a long term supporter of º4498/60007. We extend our condolences to the family at this very sad time.
The family has requested, if desired, donations in memory of Tony may be made to the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust (SNGLT Ltd) via

News item 13 April 2020:

Anybody who watched 'Dragon's Den' on BBC2 on 12th April 2020: you can make money for yourself and the overhaul of 60007 by selling unwanted clothes on the Thrift+ website; enter "The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust" as your selected charity.

Thrift+ | Donate & Shop Second-Hand Clothes | #FashionForGood

News item 22 March 2020:

COVID-19 Statement: As of 20th March all work on the overhaul of 60007 at the National Railway Museum was stopped after a controlled cessation over the previous couple of days. Work at York will only re-start when it is judged safe to do so based on UK Government guidance. SNGLT encourages all our members, friends and supporters to please follow Government and NHS health advice during the present emergency.
Although work has stopped at York there will still be updates of work that continues to be done at various places off site (Note: off-site work only undertaken where fully compliant with all Government guidance).

News item 30 January 2019:


In a unique agreement, the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust and the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust have signed a ten-year agreement to facilitate the operation of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley on the mainline.

The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust (SNGLT) and the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust (RSL&GT) have announced a wide-ranging partnership agreement for the operation of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley when the present overhaul is completed in autumn 2019. The deal sees 60007 based at Crewe for mainline tours, interspersed with periods of operation on heritage railways, including the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, where it is intended to retain strong links. The locomotive will be operated primarily by Locomotive Services (TOC) Limited (LSTOC) and will haul Saphos Train Travel rail tours, although operations with other tour operators and TOCs are not excluded.

The agreement is seen as securing the mainline future of 60007 through the next ten year operating period and beyond by guaranteeing a level of income that is projected to fund at least 50% of the next overhaul. The remaining 50% will come from SNGLT's membership, fund-raising and sales activities, along with income from heritage railway visits. The deal also ensures that the popular SNGLT Members' Day events will continue.

The agreement is expected to lead to wider cooperation between the organisations, which SNGLT sees as means of maintaining its current engineering team at a new base that is already under investigation. This will allow the Trust, through its operating company, to grow its junior volunteer activities, apprenticeships and training opportunities. This is seen as a significant activity for securing an engineering team for the long term to support Sir Nigel Gresley.

Nigel Wilson, Chairman of The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust, which owns 60007, said:
"During the last ten-year boiler ticket, it becameclear that we needed a different arrangement for mainline operation for 60007. Our situation as a single locomotive owning organisation presented significant difficulties in achieving suitable rail tour programmes. The result was that some years we didn't do any rail tours at all, which was unacceptable for a locomotive like Sir Nigel Gresley. It is in our constitution that we must seek to maintain 60007 on the main line for as long as that is possible, so during the present overhaul we have been investigating ways to address the problems identified. In essence that meant a partnership with another organisation. I am pleased that productive discussions with RSL&GT have resulted in what I believe is a very good agreement for both organisations, allowing a balance of mainline operation and heritage running. I know many members will be pleased to see a strong commitment to a mainline future, and for those who may have some concerns about seeing No.7 on the NYMR, it is still our intention that the locomotive will continue to visit North Yorkshire on a regular basis. I am also pleased that we have built SNGLT Members' Days into the agreement; we will seek to arrange a varied programme of events for members over the next nine to ten years of operation. I see this as a key agreement for the future of our locomotive, underpinning the future finances and allowing us to develop engineering skills in a new generation. Sustainability is the key."

Deputy Chairman John Wilkinson added:
"From the very early stages of the discussions it was clear that SNGLT and RSL&GT shared a common ethos in terms of operating steam locomotives. Good operating practices such as not overloading the locomotive or demanding unrealistically long days for the operating crew as well as requiring the highest maintenance standards are all areas of common ground. SNGLT support crew look forward to working with RSL&GT and LSTOC."

Jeremy Hosking, Trustee of the Royal Scot Locomotiveand General Trust and Chairman of Locomotive Services (TOC) Limited, said:
"We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with the SNGLT, who clearly share our passion for the protection and careful use of Iconic Steam Locomotives. Sir Nigel Gresley is a Locomotive steeped in history, supported and managed by a dedicated, enthusiastic team, whose outlook and culture aligns perfectly with our own. We see this agreement as the start of an exciting and enduring partnership between our organisations, that will see 60007 return to regular main line use alongside visits to heritage railways. Once complete, Sir Nigel Gresley will be welcomed into our industry leading facilities at Crewe, where we will work with SNGLT engineering teams and support crews to ensure the locomotive is given the best possible care and attention, alongside our home fleet including Royal Scot, Britannia, Blue Peter and of course number sevens' sister locomotive, Bittern."


Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust

The Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust is a charitable trust set up in 2009 to enable ownership and restoration to mainline running condition of the London Midland and Scottish Railway Royal Scot Class Locomotive No 6100 Royal Scot. The trust has since expanded and now includes a number of mainline steam locomotives such as Britannia, Blue Peter and King Edward I. In addition to the Locomotive fleet, 2013 saw the Trust acquire the London and North Western Railway Heritage Company Limited, a specialist overhaul andrepair organisation, dedicated to the refurbishment of heritage railway vehicles. Based at Crewe, in the former Diesel Depot, LNWRH has heavily invested in this site which is now regarded as the leading facility of its type in the United Kingdom.

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