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60007 at speed on the mainline by Kettleback Bridge - photograph by Andrew Dennison

Whereas most of our donations come from members of SNGLT, we are very grateful to those non-members that are interested enough in our project to contribute - and are always pleased to accept more ;-)


Buy some of the engine!
With the next overhaul now under way you have
the chance to buy a part (or two) of the engine!
Full details on  here. 

As a supporter of Sir Nigel Gresley have you considered leaving the Society a legacy? Legacies can make a very important contribution to our fundraising. Recent legislation has increased the tax benefits of leaving money to charities. Any gifts you make to a 'qualifying' charity such as The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd. - during your lifetime or in your will - will be exempt from Inheritance Tax. A donation to charity in your will may also reduce the rate that tax is paid at.

If you would like to find out more please download our Legacy information from here.

eBay Charity   eBAY FOR CHARITY
If you have an unwanted item to sell, listing it on eBay for Charity can help to raise funds for the engine. Selling this way:

  • Is highly cost effective
  • Reaches a bigger customer base than a high-street shop
  • Raises funds and awareness for The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust

To view items presently available click here.

For full details please click here.


A win-win opportunity for all! When you shop online Easyfundraising offers the opportunity of making purchases from more than 2,000 retailers and service providers who will donate a certain amount to the SNGLT. Some donate a percentage of the purchase price - some a fixed amount. Furthermore, some firms such as insurance companies will offer very advantageous online quotes to new customers meaning you can save a good amount on a first premium, plus they'll donate up to £45 as well! This is something that can be taken advantage of every year, saving you money and adding to SNGLT funds. You need to register, but this is a simple process and one that will enable you to keep track of just how much you personally have raised through this scheme.

Many people shop online today, especially those who live in more remote rural areas, so why not "add value" to your purchase by raising funds simply through making the purchases you would make anyway? Follow this link to sign up.

Just some of the companies who will donate through Easyfundraising:

EE eBay ELC Amazon LV 50+ John Lewis M and S

Furthermore you can use their Easysearch search engine to find things on the Internet that will also contribute a small amount for every completed click-through. This is not a brand new search engine itself but one that uses established ones such as Yahoo! Search and Bing. Why not make it your browser's default search engine?

Unfortunately only the UK based branches of the retailers listed fall within the scope of Easyfundraising which means our supporters overseas are not able to take advantage of this scheme unless buying from a company in the UK, but they can still help by using Easysearch.

Easy Fundraising link

All purchases from Amazon made as a result of clicking on the link below will earn a small donation from Amazon.

Amazon Smile link

Why not become a Friend of Sir Nigel, a relatively painless way to give financial support to our locomotive? All existing members are eligible to upgrade to this level of membership.
Friends pay a minimum of £7 per month, with the normal annual membership fee waived, with Friends membership including Family status where appropriate. If a Life member becomes a Friends member, then the Life membership would subsequently remain should the Friends membership be discontinued.
We would like to encourage as many members to take up the Friends status as possible. In recognition of the increased contribution, Friends would be eligible for:

  1. Twice yearly 'Friends Benefit' draw to win a print of the magnificent painting by James Green of 60007 at Bridgnorth.

    Note: this prize applies during the present overhaul period, when 60007 is running prizes are normally two tickets for one of:

    • a railtour featuring 60007,
    • entrance to a preserved railway gala or similar event,
    • dining tickets on the NYMR,
  2. Friends event as part of future Members' Day.
  3. Inclusive Family membership.
  4. Priority access to 60007 where practical and appropriate during SNGLT events (during periods when locomotive is operational).

If you are an existing member and wish to become a Friends member at a minimum of £7 per month, please download, complete and return this form to the address on the form.

If you are not an existing member then please complete the the standard membership application form first, either on-line or the printed version. If returning the printed version to the membership secretary then your Friends application form may be returned at the same time.

If you are a U.K. tax payer, also completing the gift aid form will make your donation worth even more.

An additional fund raising scheme is for any member, life or annual, to choose a membership number from 60001 to 60033 to replace their existing membership number.

Numbers presently available are:
60002 60002 60013 60018 60028 60030 60031 60032 60033

All of the above numbers were available to SNGLT members for a donation of £100 at the date of the last update to this page.

Any member wishing to change their membership number to that of one of the remaining A4s listed above should send a cheque for £100 (made payable to The SNGLT Ltd), together with their name, address, current membership number (if possible) and the A4 number that they have chosen as their new membership number to me, Helen Swales, Membership Secretary of The SNGLT Ltd, at the following address:

77 Heathmeads
Co Durham

Alternatively you may e-mail me at: with 'SNGLT' in the e-mail Subject box, for ease of identification.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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