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We are pleased to announce that our our Education Officer, David McKintosh, is available to give talks on Sir Nigel Gresley and the A4 Class to interested Societies and Organisations.

Please contact him at:


From time to time the Trust receives requests, asking if the Trust can supply engineering drawings of the A4 Locomotive.
The Trust is NOT able to supply copies of any ex-L.N.E.R. or B.R. drawings, because we do not own the copyright. The copyright holder is the National Railway Museum, and it alone can distribute copies.

WARNING The NRM has a limited budget, and many demands on its funds. Keeping and conserving an archive of drawings is expensive. Making copies of drawings involves further expense. The NRM needs to cover its costs - copies of drawings have to be paid for. Some of the larger drawings are quite expensive.
The Trust IS able to supply a General Arrangement Drawing produced by Mel Haigh - please contact for details. This is the ONLY plan or drawing which the Trust can supply.

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