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Eller Beck
60007 Crossing the Eller Beck at Water Ark, NYMR - photograph by Chris Cole

Whereas most of our donations come from members of SNGLT, we are very grateful to those non-members that are interested enough in our project to contribute - and are always pleased to accept more ;-)

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing costs of Sir Nigel Gresley you may do so online via PayPal (using either a PayPal account or a Credit/Debit Card)or by sending your donation by post.

First may we suggest that if you are a United Kingdom tax payer, and you haven't already done so, please do assist the Trust by completing the Gift Aid declaration.

If you do not have a PayPal account and do not want to open one, then when entering your details do not click on "Save this information for next time" as that seems to trigger a requirement to sign up for an account!

Data Protection Act: The Trust mailing list and membership register is held on a computer database with complete confidentiality. Any member who does not wish his/her name and address to be so recorded should please write to the Membership Secretary.

We are a registered charity, so U.K. income tax payers can increase the value of their gift by making a Gift Aid declaration.

If donating online and you are able to use Gift Aid and haven't yet done so, please click the 'Accept' button above .

To donate online please click the 'Donate' button above if you have already provided us with a Gift Aid form, if you do not qualify, or if you live overseas.

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Alternatively you may use the above QR code.

If donating by post and you are able to Gift Aid your donation, please click here for a Gift Aid form.

Please make cheques payable to: The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd, and please include your membership number if you have one.

For all fund raising matters please contact:

The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd

22 Phoenix Grove, Northallerton, North Yorkshire. DL7 8PN.


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