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Part Four

In the previous three parts the two types of Corridor Tenders have been looked at in some detail. In total twenty two Corridor tenders were built and all were attached to Class A4 Engines. The total is made up as follows, ten 1928 Corridor Tender types, eleven 1935 Streamlined Corridor Tender types, and one Modified 1928 Corridor Tender type (Ex Nº10000).

A further sixteen Non Corridor Tenders came to be attached to the Class A4 Engines; these will be dealt with in chronological order of attachment. Fifteen of these Tenders are of the 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined type and one is of the 1930 High Sided type (The non corridor version of the 1928 Corridor Tender).

Tender Nº5667 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A4 4482* GOLDEN EAGLE 25/7/1941 30/10/1964 withdrawn
* Nº23, Nº60023
(Two changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5668 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

First and only attachment to Class A4 Nº4463 (Nº18, Nº60018) SPARROW HAWK 27/11/1937 to 19/6/1963. (One Engine only)

Tender Nº5638 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

The Tender building was obviously not keeping pace with the locomotive building, so this Tender, first attached to Class A3 Nº2752 SPION KOPK 23/1/1937 to 27/9/1937, was transferred to Class A4 Nº4464 (Nº19, Nº60019) BITTERN 18/12/ 1937 to withdrawal 5/9/1966. The tender was not scrapped but taken into preservation with the locomotive. (Two Changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5669 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type.

First and only attachment to Class A4 Nº4465 (Nº20, Nº60020) GUILLEMOT 25/12/1937 to withdrawal 20/3/1964. (One Engine only)

Tender Nº5670 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A4 4466* HERRING GULL** 22/1/1938 23/12/1950
A4 60013 DOMINION OF NEW ZEALAND 8/1/1951 12/4/1955
A4 60032 GANNET 12/4/1955 7/9/1955
A4 60003 ANDREW K McCOSH 7/9/1955 29/12/1962 withdrawn
This tender was not scrapped but refurbished and attached to Class A4 Nº4468 MALLARD for display at Clapham Museum, and was also renumbered to 5642 to match the tender in use when Mallard claimed the World Speed Record for Steam Traction.
* Nº6, Nº60006
** SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD – 6/1/1944
(Four Changes of Engine plus One Change into Preservation)

Tender Nº5671 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A4 4467* WILD SWAN 19/2/1938 1/4/1957
A4 60008 DWIGHT D EISENHOWER 1/4/1957 20/7/1963 withdrawn
Again this Tender was not scrapped but was refurbished along with the Engine and shipped to the United States for display at the American National Railway Museum at Green Bay, Wisconsin.
* Nº21, Nº60021

Tender Nº5642 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A3 2746 FAIRWAY 24/4/1937 25/10/1937
A4 4468 MALLARD 3/3/1938 14/3/1939
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 19/4/1939 25/5/1939
A4 2512 SILVER FOX 25/5/1939 9/6/1939
A4 4903* PEREGRINE 9/6/1939 24/1/1948
A4 60027 MERLIN 11/3/1948 20/7/1948
A4 60030 GOLDEN FLEECE 30/7/1948 30/6/1951
A4 60028 WALTER K WHIGHAM 30/6/1951 24/6/1952
A4 60003 ANDREW K McCOSH 24/6/1952 20/1/1954
A4 60026 MILES BEEVOR 20/1/1954 21/12/1965 withdrawn
* Nº34, Nº60034
Again this tender did not go for scrap but along with Nº60026 went to Crewe Works to provide spare parts for the overhaul of Class A4 Nº4498 (Nº60007) SIR NIGEL GRESLEY. On completion of the overhaul the remains of the Tender were purchased by the A4 Locomotive Society, and taken to the Hunslet Engine Co. in Leeds, with a view to converting the tender into a Water Tank. However the scheme was not financially viable and the tender languished in Hunslet Goods Yard in Leeds and was eventually cut up in 1975.
(Ten Changes of Engine plus One into semi-preservation )

Tender Nº5672 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

First attached to Class A4 Nº4469 GADWALL (SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD 1/3/1939) 30/3/1938 to 6/6/1942. This Tender was damaged during an air raid on York on 29/4/1942 and was officially withdrawn on 6/6/1942, however it was stored in Doncaster Works for the next three and a half years until it was repaired and attached to Class A2/1 Nº3696 (later named HIGHLAND CHIEFTAIN) on 24/12/1945, the tender remained with this Engine until withdrawn on 12/12/1960.

Tender Nº5673 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

First and only attachment to Class A4 Nº4499 (Nº2, Nº60002) POCHARD (SIR MURROUGH WILSON 8/4/1939) 12/4/1938 until withdrawal 4/5/1964.

(One Engine Only)

Tender Nº5674 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

First and only attachment to Class A4 Nº4500 (Nº1, Nº60001) GARGANEY (SIR RONALD MATTHEWS 11/3/1939) 16/4/1938 until withdrawal 12/10/1964.

(One Engine Only)

Tender Nº5675 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A4 4900* GANNET 17/5/1938 16/9/1952
A4 60026 MILES BEEVOR 1/10/1952 1/6/1953
A4 60032 GANNET 1/6/1953 17/6/1954
A4 60006 SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD 17/6/1954 3/9/1965 withdrawn
* Nº32, Nº60032
(Four Changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5641 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A3 2508 BROWN JACK 2/4/1937 19/4/1938
A4 4901* CAPERCALLIE** 14/5/1938 12/3/1964 withdrawn
* Nº5, Nº60005
(Two Changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5636 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A1 2572 ST. GATIEN 3/12/1936 25/8/1937
A4 4902* SEAGULL 28/6/1938 3/7/1948
A4 60009 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA 5/5/1948 14/5/1948
A4 60016 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA 11/6/1948 19/3/1965 withdrawn
* Nº33, Nº60033
(Four Changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5639 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A3 2507 SINGAPORE 20/2/1937 13/10/1937
the tender then seems unusually to have been stored for nine months before being attached to
A4 4903 PEREGRINE 1/7/1938 22/4/1939
A4 4468* MALLARD 5/5/1939 16/1/1948
A4 60004 WILLIAM WHITELAW 4/2/1948 24/5/1948
W1 60700 18/6/1948 4/7/1953
A4 60010 DOMINION OF CANADA 9/7/1953 20/7/1953
W1 60700 18/8/1953 1/6/1959 withdrawn
* Nº22, Nº60022
(Seven Changes of Engine)

Tender Nº5640 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type

Attached to From To
A3 2796 SPEARMINT 25/3/1937 31/5/1938
A1 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN 2/7/1938 15/1/1963
A4 60034 LORD FARRINGDON 28/1/1963 24/8/1966
A4 60024 KINGFISHER 24/8/1966 5/9/1966 withdrawn
(Four Changes of Engine)
Further details:

This Tender spent all its life attached to Class A1 and A3 Engines. First attached to Class A3 2796 SPEARMINT 25/3/1937 to 31/5/1938, it was then transferred to Class A1 Nº4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN on 2/7/1938, it remained with this Engine through Re-building to Class A3 and re-numbering, to 506 on 20/1/1946, to 103 5/5/1946, and finally to 60103 30/12/1948. The tender was theoretically withdrawn when the Engine was sold for preservation on 15/1/1963. The new owner wanted a corridor tender so a swap was arranged with Class A4 Nº60034 LORD FARRINGDON, the tender staying with Nº60034 from 28/1/1963 to 24/8/1966, and was transferred to Class A4 Nº60024 24/8/1966 to withdrawal 5/9/1966.

Tender Nº5584 – 1930 High sided Type

Strictly not a true official attachment to a Class A4 Engine, more an operational loan. Class A3 Nº2563 TAGALIE was in Works, along with its Tender Nº5584, from 19/9/1945 to 17/11/1945 for a General Overhaul. Class A4 Nº4494 ANDREW K McCOSH was ready to leave the Works, but its Tender Nº5649 had been given to Class A4 Nº2509 SILVER LINK when it left works on 20/10/1945 so Tender Nº5584 was "borrowed" from 29/10/1945 to 5/11/1945, Nº4494 regaining tender Nº5649 on 7/11/1945. This was the only time that a 1930 High Sided Tender was attached to a Class A4 Engine.

In order keep the record straight, the five tenders transferred from the Class A1 and A3 engines in 1937 were replaced by 1930 High Sided Tenders, that became available when the rebuilt "Raven" Pacifics were withdrawn. There are also the tenders attached to the Class W1 Nº10000 (60700), these are covered under the specific Tender Nos. but for the sake of clarity they are listed as follows:

Tender Nº5484 – 1928 Style Corridor tender, built specifically for this Engine, attached 21/6/1930 to 18/6/1948.

Tender Nº5639 – 1936 Non Corridor Streamlined Type attached 18/6/1948 to 4/7/1953

Tender Nº5647—Streamlined Corridor Type attached 4/7/1953 to 18/8/1953, probably the only tender available at the time. Nº60700 did not get much use out of the tender (Ten Days at most) as it was in Works from 13/7/1953 to 18/8/1953, on leaving the Works it regained Tender Nº5639, which it retained to withdrawal on 1/6/1959.

The End

Researched and written by Mel Haigh,
Education Officer, Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd.
First published in Chime 130, Christmas 2003
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