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Part Three

The 1928 Corridor Tenders were originally built with Coal Rails running along the centre line of the Corridor Roof. See Fig 1 below. The rail was Five Inches high, and as such came above the line of the Tender front plate and division plate (See dotted line on Section ), and so the ends were curved down to bring them in line with the plates. (See Detail "A")


Detail "A"

Section Thro' Corridor Roof and Coal Rail

Fig. 1

When the new Streamlined Corridor Tenders were built for the "Silver Jubilee" Engines in 1935 the coal space and the rear area around the water filler lid were given a streamlined fairing. Consideration had been given to providing a sliding roof over the tender, but this was rejected, as it was thought that there would be operational difficulties, not the least of which would have been small pieces of coal lodging in the sliding tracks.

With the building of the second batch of A4s, which were to be used in general service, and as such received the Green Livery, it was decided that the 1928 Corridor Tenders would be transferred to be used with these Engines, as it was more than likely that these Engines would be employed on the non stop Flying Scotsman. To bring the Tenders in line with the new builds, the coal rails were removed and a streamlined fairing similar to the 1935 tenders was fitted. See Fig 2 below.


Fig. 2

This modification proved unsatisfactory, as it reduced the coal capacity to about eight tons, and this left no safety margin, especially when working the non stop trains in adverse weather conditions. So during December 1937 the tenders were modified once again, this time by cutting back the fairing on the coal space, and almost removing it altogether from around the water filler. See Fig 3 below.


Fig. 3

This brought the nominal coal capacity back to nine tons on the 1928 tenders and allegedly increased the capacity to nine tons on the 1935 new tenders. As a slight aside, as we have to more or less "hand" coal our engine [60007 Sir Nigel Gresley], we have on more than one occasion packed ten tons plus on to the tender.

The modification were carried out over a maximum three day period, in December 1937 sometimes with three Engines in the Works at the same time. The alterations were not consistent, probably due to the work being carried out in a bit of a rush, and by different gangs. These inconsistencies can be seen on photos, and mainly show variations in the heights of the side sheets, and the amount of cutting back at the water filler area. In fact a close inspection of our tender shows that the side sheet on the corridor side is approximately three inches higher than the other side.

As stated previously in 1935 a batch of four new Streamlined Corridor Tenders were built for attachment to the first four Class A4 Engines built for the "Silver Jubilee" Service. These were not really required for a service running between London and Newcastle but looking to the future, if the engines were to be utilised on the "Flying Scotsman" the tenders would then be a necessity. The next nine Class A4s were given the refurbished and modified 1928 Corridor Tenders. Commencing in late June 1937 another batch of seven Streamlined Corridor Tenders were built.

Tender Nº5589 — Streamlined Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 7/9/1935 28/1/1936
A4 2510* QUICKSILVER 7/2/1936 27/4/1963 withdrawn
*Nº15, Nº60015
(Two Changes of Engine)
Tender Nº5590 – Streamlined Corridor Type.This tender was fitted with Timken Roller bearings to all axles on 22/10/1938 and retained them until withdrawal.
Attached to From To
A4 2510 QUICKSILVER 26/9/1935 21/1/1936
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 30/1/1936 19/4/1939
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 9/6/1939 23/8/1945
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 7/11/1945 24/5/1955
A4 60025 FALCON 24/5/1955 23/7/1955
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 26/7/1955 29/12/1962 withdrawn
(Theoretically Six Changes of Engine, but re attached to the same Engine four times)
Tender Nº5591 – Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 2511* SILVER KING 5/11/1935 29/4/1948
A4 60009 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA 14/5/1948 16/7/1963
* N&rdm;16, Nº60016
(Two Changes of Engine)
This is a strange one in that there is no further record of this Tender beyond this date. It must be assumed that the tender was unfit for further service and withdrawn on 16/7/1963. Nº60009 was in the Works for a General Overhaul from 16/7/1963 until 6/11/1963 and emerged with Tender No 5332 which had been attached to Class A4 Nº60033 SEAGULL when it was withdrawn on 29/12/1962 (See Part 1)Tender Nº5592 – Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 2512 SILVER FOX 18/12/1935 25/5/1939
A4 2509 SILVER LINK 25/5/1939 9/6/1939
A4 2512* SILVER FOX 9/6/1939 20/10/1963 withdrawn
* Nº17, Nº60017
(Three Changes of Engine)
The next batch of seven new built Streamlined Corridor tenders appeared late June 1937.Tender Nº5646 -- Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 4491* COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA 22/6/1937 20/8/1964 withdrawn
* Nº12, Nº60012
(One Engine Only)
Tender Nº5647 – Streamlined Corridor Type.This tender was fitted with Hoffman Roller Bearings to all axles on 16/3/1938 and retained them until withdrawal on 18/4/1963.
Attached to From To
A4 4492* DOMINION OF NEW ZEALAND 12/7/1937 22/12/1950
A4 60006 SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD 5/1/1951 29/6/1953
A4 60006 SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD 28/7/1953 17/6/1954
A4 60032 GANNET 17/6/1954 12/4/1955
A4 60013 DOMINION OF NEW ZEALAND 12/4/1955 18/4/1963 withdrawn
* Nº13, Nº60013
* records show transferred to Class W1 Nº60700 4/7/1953 to 18/8/1953. As Nº60700 was in the Works from 13/7/1953 to 18/8/1953, the Tender must have been taken and re attached to Nº60006
Tender Nº5648 – Streamlined Corridor Type.This Tender was Fitted with Skefco Roller Bearings to all axles on 25/9/1939 and retained them until 4/9/1958 when they were partially replaced with plain bearings, this set up carried through to withdrawal.
Attached to From To
A4 4493* WOODCOCK 10/7/1937 12/3/1953
A4 60022 MALLARD 12/3/1953 21/7/1958
A4 60025 FALCON 4/9/1958 20/10/1963 withdrawn
* Nº29, Nº60029
(Three Changes of Engine)
Tender Nº5649 – Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 4494 OSPREY* 7/8/1937 13/9/1945
A4 14 SILVER LINK 20/10/1945 6/11/1945
A4 3** ANDREW K McCOSH 7/11/1945 24/6/1952
A4 60028 WALTER K WHIGHAM 24/6/1952 29/12/1962 withdrawn
* ANDREW K McCOSH from 21/8/1942
** Nº60003
(Four Changes of Engine)
Tender Nº5650 – Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 4495 GREAT SNIPE* 30/8/1937 22/2/1945
A4 4497** GOLDEN PLOVER 24/3/1945 29/10/1965 withdrawn
* GOLDEN FLEECE from 25/9/1937
** Nº31, Nº60031
(Two Changes of Engine)
Tender Nº5651 — Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 4496* GOLDEN SHUTTLE** 4/9/1937 1/4/1957
A4 60021 WILD SWAN 1/4/1957 20/5/1962
A4 60022 MALLARD 30/5/1962 25/4/1963 withdrawn
* Nº8, Nº 60008
** DWIGHT D EISENHOWER from 25/9/1945
(Three Changes of Engine)
Tender Nº5652 – Streamlined Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A4 4497 GOLDEN PLOVER 2/10/ 1937 14/2/1945
A4 4495* GOLDEN FLEECE 7/4/1945 17/6/1948
A4 60027 MERLIN 26/7/1948 3/9/1965 withdrawn
* Nº30, Nº60030
(Three Changes of Engine)
As can be seen all the Streamlined Corridor Type Tenders were built specifically for attachment to the Class A4 Engines, and therefore remained with the Class A4 engines throughout their working lives. Tender Nº5646 remained with Nº4491 (Nº12, Nº60012) COMMONWEATH OF AUSTRALIA for 27 years 2 months, whereas Tender Nº5649 had a brief encounter of 16 days with Nº2509 SILVER LINK in 1945.

Researched and written by Mel Haigh,
Education Officer, Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd.
First published in Chime 129, Autumn 2003
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