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Part One

When the first Gresley Pacific Nº1470 appeared, it was paired with a new large eight wheeled tender, capable of carrying 8 tons of coal and 5000 gallons of water. Two coal rails were provided along two sides and the back. A total of 52 of these tenders were built and remained attached to Class A1 and A3 engines for the whole of their working lives. These tenders are generally called G.N. Coal Rail Tenders. The first two were numbered 5211 and 5212, the next ten were numbered 5223 to 5232 inclusively, and the next forty were numbered 5253 to 5292 inclusively. These numbers were usually carried on a small oval plate above the coal gate.

In 1928 with the introduction of non-stop running between London and Edinburgh, a new style of tender was required. This again utilised the eight wheeled chassis and 5000 gallon water capacity of its predecessor, but also had an 18 inch wide by 5 feet high corridor along the right hand side of the tender, and somehow the coal capacity had been allegedly increased to 9 tons. There were detail differences in the lengths of the Frames and the Side Sheets. The side sheets had to be higher to accommodate the corridor, the coal rails disappeared, from the right hand side and the back of the tender, and the top of the side sheet was curved over to fit the loading gauge. At the back of the tender the plate was carried up to follow the outline of the Loading Gauge, and was fitted with vertical handrail at the outer edges, along with three foot brackets either side of the Pullman Corridor Connection. A grab rail was also fitted above the corridor connection and carried down the sides approximately 18 inches. The coal rails did not disappear entirely, one was fitted over the roof of the corridor, as a precaution against large coals spilling over the side, due to the side sheet being curved over to form the corridor roof. The rail was fixed along the centreline of the corridor roof, with a projection of 5 inches above the corridor roof. A "D" shaped beading ran along the top edge of the side sheets, below the curve in, and followed the "stepped profile" at the front end, and continued down the front edges of the sheets to the foot plate. The front edges of the side sheets were also curved inwards to match the curve of the cab sheets. Ten of these tenders were built, all going into service in 1928; over the next nine years they were attached to thirteen Class A1 and thirteen Class A3 engines. In 1937 all of these tenders were transferred on to the Class A4 engines, and streamlined fairings were added over the front end of the coal space, which unfortunately had an adverse effect and limited the loading of the coal. These Tenders are generally called 1928 Corridor Tenders, there were a total of ten tenders, numbered 5323 to 5332 inclusively.

As further Class A3 engines were built, in 1930, their new tenders followed the pattern of the 1928 Corridor Tenders, but without the corridor. These tenders are generally called High Sided Non-Corridor Tenders, 28 being built, and were numbered 5476 to 5483, and 5566 to 5574, and 5580 to 5584 inclusively. The interruptions in the previous number sequence is due to tender Nº5565 being allocated to Class P2 Nº 2001, and tenders Nº5575 to 5579 being allocated also to Class P2 Nos. 2002 to 2006. Also tender Nos. 5569, 5572, 5574, 5580, and 5583 were coupled to Raven Pacifics from approximately late 1934 until the engines were withdrawn in 1936-37, and then the tenders were attached to Class A3 engines.

Also at this time an extra Corridor Tender, numbered 5484 was built, to run with engine Nº10000, this remained with this engine, even after re-building, until 1948.

With the advent of the A4 Class in 1935, a matching Streamlined Corridor Tender was build. The side sheets were curved over at the top, to follow the loading gauge, but the "D" beading and the inward curve of the side sheets at the cab end were omitted. The back of the tender was slightly curved and streamlined fairings were fitted over the front of the coal space and around the water tank filler cover. These tenders are generally called Streamlined Corridor Tenders and were built in two batches, numbered 5589 to 5592, and 5646 to 5652 inclusively.

A non corridor version of the Streamlined type was built and attached to both A3 and A4 Classes. These tenders are generally called Streamlined Non-Corridor Tenders, and were numbered 5636 to 5645, and 5667 to 5675 inclusively.

The above is a brief outline of the various designs of 8 wheeled tenders, and some indication of the classes to which they were attached. It is not intended to track every tender listed above, only those which were attached to Class A4 Engines. Where possible the tenders will be listed in, as built, numerical order, and engines to which they are attached will be listed with the classification, number and name current at the time of attachment.

Tender Nº5323 – 1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A1 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN 5/4/1928 23/4/1929
A1 4476 ROYAL LANCER 25/5/1928 15/5/1935
A1 4475 FLYING FOX 13/6/1935 23/10/1936
A4 4482 GOLDEN EAGLE 22/12/1936 5/6/1941
A4 4462 WILLIAM WHITELAW* 23/7/1941 3/2/1948
A4 E-22 MALLARD 5/3/1948** 12/3/1953
A4 60029 WOODCOCK 12/3/1953 20/10/1963 withdrawn
*on renaming
**altered for Locomotive Exchanges
(Seven Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5324 -1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A1 4476 ROYAL LANCER 5/4/1928 17/4/1929
A1 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN 8/6/1929 19/10/1936
A4 4485 KESTREL 20/2/1937 8/8/1943
A4 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY 8/8/1943 *
*to withdrawal, and into preservation 1/2/1966. This tender is still with Nº60007 and has recently undergone a full overhaul at Grosmont.
(Four Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5325 - 1928 Corridor Type.

Attached to From To
A3* 2573 HARVESTER 10/4/1928 2/7/28
A1 2564 KNIGHT OF THE THISTLE** 2/7/1928 17/10/1935
A3 2506 SALMON TROUT 17/10/1935 7/12/1936
A4 4488 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA 17/4/1937 22/3/1948
A4 60033 SEAGULL 9/4/1948*** 28/5/1954
A4 60034 LORD FARRINGDON 28/5/1954 14/1/1963****
*just re-built to Class A3
**Re-named KNIGHT OF THISTLE – 28/12/1932
***Altered for Locomotive Exchanges
****to withdrawal, then transferred to Class A3 Nº60103 (4472) for preservation. Still with FLYING SCOTSMAN but has been extensively re-built in recent years.
(Seven Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5326 -1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A3 2580 SHOTOVER 20/4/1928 27/2/1929
A3 2752* SPION KOP 20/4/1929 30/6/1929
A3 2746 FAIRWAY 30/6/1929 11/3/1937
A4 4485 WOODCOCK** 17/4/1937 6/12/1937
A4 4490 EMPIRE OF INDIA 6/12/1937 13/9/1960
A4 60010 DOMINION OF CANADA 15/10/1960 29/5/1965 withdrawn
*newly built
**Re-named DOMINION OF CANADA 15/6/1937
(Six Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5327 -1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A1 2547 DONCASTER 26/4/1928 2/5/1928
A1 2546 DONOVAN 2/5/1928 6/5/1928
A1 2547 DONCASTER 6/5/1928 15/6/1933
A1 4474 VICTOR WILD 10/7/1933 24/8/1934
A3 2750 PAPYRUS 24/8/1934 13/11/1936
A4 4484 FALCON 23/1/1937 3/9/1945
A4 4487 SEA EAGLE* 4/10/1945 30/6/1951
A4 60030 GOLDEN FLEECE 30/6/1951 29/12/1962 withdrawn
*Nº28 and Nº 60028 and re-named WALTER K WHIGHAM from 1/10/1947
(Eight Changes of Engine.)
Tender Nº5328 – 1928 Corridor Type
Attached to From To
A1 2569 GLADIATEUR 24/4/1928 16/5/1928
A1 2563 WILLIAM WHITELAW 16/5/1928 17/6/1930
A3 2795 CALL BOY 17/6/1930 15/4/1937
A4 4490 EMPIRE OF INDIA 25/6/1937 6/12/1937
A4 4489 DOMINION OF CANADA 6/12/1937 29/6/1953
A4 60006 SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD 24/6/1953 14/7/1953
A4 60010 DOMINION OF CANADA 27/8/1953 29/8/1960
A4 60011 EMPIRE OF INDIA 28/10/1960 11/5/1964 withdrawn
(Eight Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5329 –1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A1 2556 ORMONDE 26/5/1928 7/6/1928
A1 2552 SANSOVINO 7/6/1928 10/8/1928
A1 4475 FLYING FOX 10/8/1928 4/9/1934
A1 4474 VICTOR WILD 4/9/1934 15/9/1934
A1 4475 FLYING FOX 15/9/1934 25/4/35
A1 4476 ROYAL LANCER 27/6/1935 9/6/1937
A3 2750 PAPYRUS 30/6/1937 6/9/1937
A4 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY 30/10/1937 8/8/1943
A4 4485* KESTREL** 8/8/1943 29/9/1952
A4 60032 GANNET 24/10/1952 1/6/1953
A4 60026 MILES BEEVOR 1/6/1953 20/1/1954
A4 60003 ANDREW K McCOSH 20/1/1954 7/9/1955
A4 60032 GANNET 7/9/1955 9/2/1957
A4 60024 KINGFISHER 22/3/1957 24/8/1966
A4 60034 LORD FARRINGDON 28/8/1966 3/12/1966 withdrawn
* Nº587, Nº26, Nº60026 ** MILES BEEVOR
(Fourteen Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5330 – 1928 Corridor Type.

Attached to From To
A3 2743 FELSTEAD 22/8/1928 6/2/1929
A3 2749 FLAMINGO 6/2/1929 20/3/1929
A1 2565 MERRY HAMPTON 20/3/1929 4/7/1929
A1 2566 LADAS 4/7/1929 10/7/1930
A1 2563 WILLIAM WHITELAW 10/7/1930 5/4/1935
A3 2508 BROWN JACK 5/4/1935 9/2/1937
A4 4487 SEA EAGLE 20/3/1937 10/8/1945
A4 4484* FALCON 20/9/1945 24/5/1955
A4 60014 SILVER LINK 24/5/1955 26/7/1955
A4 60025 FALCON 26/7/1955 21/7/1958
A4 60022 MALLARD 27/8/1958 30/5/1962
A4 60021 WILD SWAN 30/5/1962 20/10/1963 withdrawn
* Nº25, Nº 60025
(Twelve Changes of Engine.)

  Tender Nº5331 - 1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A3 2744 GRAND PARADE 23/8/1928 29/6/1929
A3 2750 PAPYRUS 29/6/1929 24/6/1932
A3 2744 GRAND PARADE 3/8/1932 20/1/1933
A3 2750 PAPYRUS 20/1/1933 8/7/1933
A3 2744 GRAND PARADE 8/7/1933 2/12/1936
A4 4483* KINGFISHER 26/12/1936 18/2/1957
A4 60032 GANNET 15/3/1957 20/10/1963 withdrawn
*Nº24, Nº 60024
(Theoretically seven Changes of Engine, in fact the tender was only ever attached to four engines throughout its life. The discrepancy is due to being shunted back and forth between Engines Nº2744 & 2750 during the first eight years of its life.)

  Tender Nº5332 – 1928 Corridor Type

Attached to From To
A3 2745 CAPTAIN CUTTLE 8/9/1928 to 30/6/30
A3 2796 SPEARMINT 30/6/1930 29/1/1937
A4 4486* MERLIN 13/3/1937 29/1/1948
A4 60034 LORD FARRINGDON 25/2/1948 28/5/1954
A4 60033 SEAGULL 28/5/1954 29/12/1962**
* Nº27, Nº60027
**Locomotive withdrawn. The tender was retained at Doncaster Works, and was attached to Class A4 Nº60009 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA (in for a General Overhaul 16/7/1963 to 6/11/1963), 6/11/1963 to withdrawal 1/6/1966, when the Tender was not scrapped but was purchased by Alan Pegler and converted into the water carrying second tender for the preserved Class A3 FLYING SCOTSMAN.
(Six Changes of Engine, plus One into preservation.)

  Tender Nº5484 – 1928 Corridor Type

This was a "one off" specially built in 1929 to be attached to the High Pressure "Hush-Hush" Locomotive Nº10000. There were detail differences from the normal tenders of this type, the main one being the side sheets at the front end were not carried round as far as previously, and the hand rails were stainless steel. The rear Buffer Beam had several holes drilled through it, to allow the cables from the test instruments to pass through to the Dynamometer Car.

The tender was attached to Class W1 Nº10000 7/11/1929, through rebuilding in 1937, finally losing the tender during the course of a General Overhaul (27/4/1948 to 24/6/1948). One record shows the tender as being replaced with a 1936 Streamlined Non-Corridor Type Nº5639 on 18/6/1948. However Class A4 No E-4 WILLIAM WHITELAW is recorded as receiving its proper B.R. number 60004 and changing its tender for tender Nº5484 during a visit to Doncaster Works 24-25/5/ 1948. The tender remained with Nº60004 until withdrawal on 17/7/1966. Again the tender did not go for scrap but was transferred to Class A4 Nº60009 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA (it having lost its tender Nº5332 to FLYING SCOTSMAN) 17/6/1966 into preservation 10/9/1966.

Researched and written by Mel Haigh,
Education Officer, Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd.
First published in Chime 127, Spring 2003
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