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by Mel Haigh

Education Officer of
The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd

This series of articles was originally published in the SNGLPT's journal Chime, the first part appearing in issue 131, Spring 2004.

Part One


Part Two

Boilers 8905 to 8908, 8945 to 8960.

Part Three

Boilers 8961, 9018 to 9031, 9125 to 9129.

Part Four

Boilers 9487 to 9489, 29310 to 2919.

Part Five

Boilers 29320 to 29329.

Part Six

Boilers 29330 to 29339, 27960 to 27974.

Part Seven

Boilers 7646 and 7647.

Part Eight

Boilers 29310 - 29328, 29330 - 29338, 27960 - 27965.

Part Nine

Diag 94, 94A & 107 Boilers.

Part Ten

The Yarrow - Gresley High Pressure Water Tube Boiler.

Part Eleven

The Yarrow - Gresley High Pressure Water Tube Boiler - continued.

I am grateful to all those who have assisted with this series of articles, in particular:
Bernard Harding for looking through his records and filling in the gaps in my research over the past couple of years.
Philip Atkins of the National Railway Museum, for searching out the various files and record cards for the Boiler Series.
Peter Townend for letting me have sight of the boiler diagrams, and other relevant papers.
Dr Peter Rogers for letting me have sight of various test reports, appertaining to Engine Nº10000, and supporting my literary efforts.
Charles Newton for helping to clear up some dubious points, and then raising some more puzzles for me to worry about.
And finally I must thank You the Membership for reading my ramblings.

Mel Haigh

Note:~ All dates quoted are given in the British format of Day/Month/Year

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